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Since 1981, Descartes MSR Customs has helped thousands of organizations—including manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses across all industries—comply with international customs requirements, as well as reduce their cross-border costs.

Through our leadership and management, we help by leveraging a combination of technology, expertise, and services, to keep your goods moving through customs, while utilizing duty recovery processes to minimize costs.


From leadership and management to execution and support, our focus is on helping you realize your goals.

Marc Roy

President Marc Roy has served with Descartes MSR Customs for more than 30 years and leads the Global Business and Solution Development division. Mr. Roy has overseen the development of several key markets, including Export Compliance and Government solutions for North America, and the Visual Compliance suite of export, trade and OFAC compliance software solutions.

Steven Crozier
Vice President, Director of Technology

Vice President, Director of Technology Steven Crozier is the Director of Technology, serving in this capacity for over 30 years. With extensive field experience, Mr. Crozier brings depth and knowledge to the Research and Development and Support teams.

Paul Constanzo
Group Manager, Import Compliance Solutions

Paul Constanzo heads up the Import Compliance Solution Group. Paul is responsible for developing, deploying and incorporating our various import compliance solutions with a client's business processes.

Michael Roy Smith
Manager, Customs Consulting & Duty Recovery

Michael has headed up the Descartes MSR Customs Consulting group for the last 5 years. Prior to joining us, Michael worked with the Trade Administration Services Division of the Canada Revenue Agency, and held client facing positions with both Customs brokerage and International Trade Consulting firms. His extensive experience with and knowledge of tariff classification, valuation, systems, and import law and regulations have garnered his clients millions of dollars in savings. Michael routinely represents clients in mediations with various levels of government including the Department of Finance and the CBSA, and is the group's lead counsel in pleadings before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT).

Our Other Professionals

Other professionals in the Descartes MSR Customs teams include experts with deep experience in Customs and international trade, business finance, operations processes and analytics, information technology, project management, documentation and training.

Skills and expertise are leveraged and integrated, helping us establish and refine best practices, and reinforcing our reputation as a leading compliance enabler with an outstanding duty recovery record.