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Canadian Customs Clearance

Superior execution and visibility, lower costs.

We are Canada's most innovative and cost-effective full service Canadian customs broker.

Consistently Faster Clearance

With an electronic clearance rate of more than 99% AND a coast-to-coast network of offices, our clients can always depend on us to consistently provide the fastest and most cost-effective clearance of their shipments. No matter when, where, or how they arrive, what they contain, or who they are going to.

A Dedicated, Professionally Qualified Operations Contact

In addition to a dedicated client manager, our clients experience the benefits of having a dedicated, experienced brokerage operations team with a single point of contact. A contact who knows their business and actually does the work. A contact who is qualified or licensed in Customs legislation, tariffs, and post-entry regulations that affect their business.

Always the Lowest Duty Rates

Your operations team ensures your qualifying shipments take full advantage of lower duty rates using your NAFTA and other free trade agreement certificates. And your goods are optimally classified. So you get the maximum duty savings available to you.

On-line Visibility

For maximum convenience, you'll have secured access to our leading suite of Web-based technology tools. This includes access to your:

  • Duty and Tax liability
  • Individual shipment summaries and details
  • Tariff classifications and preferential duty rates
  • Clearance status

Helping Your Suppliers and Carriers

You and your suppliers and carriers will benefit from our specialized tools, attention to detail, and operations support. We offer advanced tools and services like electronic invoices in multiple formats, toll-free pre-clearance services, and direct contact with operations staff. Plus we can provide expert guidance on NAFTA and other trade agreement certifications, value for customs purposes, and more.

Easy, Smooth Account Transition

When awarded your new business, we formulate a definitive plan that ensures a smooth transition. This eliminates the common concerns associated with selecting a new service provider.

Customs Technical Services

Few clients have the resources to address highly complex issues or extraordinary events outside their regular trade practices. They rely on our depth of Customs technical knowledge and experience for sound advice on technical matters, guidance through a customs event, or representation with Customs or other government departments. Some of the projects and issues we have addressed include:

  • Valuation for transactions from related and non-related parties
  • Tariff classification for new products, or reassessment of existing ones
  • Classification and valuation rulings
  • Voluntary disclosures to correct major errors in order to avoid penalties
  • Representation with customs authorities when engaged in an appeal, dispute or trade action