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Services for Non-resident Importers

Superior execution and visibility, lower costs.

A non-resident importer (NRI) is a U.S. company that imports into Canada under its own name without having a presence in Canada.

Why Become an NRI?

There are a number of reasons U.S. companies choose to become an NRI. For example, one or more of your Canadian customers may require shipments delivered duty paid (DDP) which means you'll need to become an NRI. Or you may need to direct ship to the customers of your Canadian customer without including an invoice with the shipping documents.

Whatever your reason, MSR Customs has the services you need to cost-effectively clear your shipments into Canada with maximum speed and compliance.

Comprehensive and Authoritative NRI Services

In addition to providing you with Canadian customs clearance, we can help you become a non-resident importer and manage your reporting and government obligations:

  • Getting a Canadian Business Number
  • Expertise and assistance on Canada's Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • GST Return services
  • NAFTA qualification
  • Determining Value, Classification, and special provisions to lower duty rates
  • Record retention services
  • Professional compliance, audit, and government representation
  • Maintenance of books and records in Canada