Services and Products

Services for Self-Clearing Importers

Superior execution and visibility, lower costs.

Importers who have—or want—the control, cost savings, and enhanced compliance of self-clearance occasionally need the services of a customs broker.

Brokerage Services for Self-Clearing Importers

Occasionally even self-clearing importers need the services of a customs broker. To clear shipments after regular office hours. In times of staff shortage or turnover. For handling issues at a distant customs office.

To support these clients, the MSR Customs brokerage group provides a comprehensive, flexible, innovative set of brokerage services. From being your safety net, to providing customs release, confirming and payment services, to providing qualified staff on-site who know your business, we can provide the help you need. Served up the way you want, when you want.

We Use the Same Systems

Whether you choose to host your own MSR Customs systems, or have us host them for you, you'll be using the same systems as the MSR Customs brokerage group. You'll benefit from using Canada's most advanced and intelligent customs clearance systems, AND have the services of Canada's most innovative and cost-effective customs broker.

Becoming a Self-Clearing Importer

Bringing the customs process in-house makes sense for certain companies. That's where the MSR Customs systems and technologies really shine. There are no better systems on the market. MSR Customs systems and technologies are used by more self-clearing importers than any other systems.

Backed with more than 30 years of research and development, the market says MSR Customs systems are the easiest to use, most stable and reliable, best designed and supported. Our systems are even used by the colleges with Customs and International Trade degrees.

Key features of MSR Customs Systems include:

  • Comprehensive, easy to use, state of the art, with full Customs functionality including classification, clearance, customs accounting, drawbacks and claims.
  • Electronic submission to government with full audit trails.
  • Flexible reporting and analytical tools at summary and detail levels—with full spreadsheet support.
  • Enhanced compliance management tools.
  • Full archive subsystem for data retention and management.