About MSR Customs

Advantages and

Comprehensive, innovative, and transformative.

MSR Customs is truly unique in offering a comprehensive range of innovative and transformative Customs services, systems, and technologies.

Smart, Flexible, Tailored Solutions

For 31 years we have helped companies transform the way they manage and leverage their often complex domestic and international trade issues and transactions. Working collaboratively with many of the most successful and respected companies in the world, our knowledge, practices and technology equip us to quickly understand the applicable issues and offer our clients a comprehensive set of alternative and complementary solutions. It's not simply this way or that way. Business is far more complex than that. Your solutions need to be smart, flexible and transparent.

More than just Customs Professionals

We bring motivated, talented, dedicated, and specialized teams of customs, tax and business professionals, systems, technology and information management experts, business and process change specialists, and auditors, consultants, and controllers from a wide range of industries. These resources, combined with the latest and very best technology tools and a passionate commitment to excellence, enable us to continue to earn our clients business and trust.

Innovative Ideas & Creative Approaches

MSR Customs wealth of knowledge covers the world's major industries and the most crucial customs and business issues. Our broad range of expertise and clean-slate approach to finding solutions have led us to develop new ideas that quickly become the standard. Our objective is not to simply apply best practices, but to invent them. We think creatively and partner with our clients to solve their toughest customs challenges with innovative solutions.

In-sourcing, Out-Sourcing, and Co-Sourcing Strategies

Our options are always flexible enough to suit your organization's needs — whether you want a single service or technology, or a series of services and a suite of technologies:

  • Benchmarking and analysis.
  • Customs duty and commodity tax recovery.
  • Identifying and closing compliance gaps.
  • Full-service customs brokerage.
  • A flexible combination of brokerage services and systems.
  • Fully integrated customs and trade compliance solutions.
  • Supply chain security and optimization solutions.

A Trusted Partner

Our relationship with you doesn't end when we deliver your refund cheques, your systems, or clear your goods across the border. We build relationships with our clients, helping them continually maintain, and improve, their compliance and trade processes. Global trade is a constantly changing landscape, and we work with our clients every day to help them stay one step ahead of the curve.

Experience and Expertise

MSR Customs has been in the customs import, export and compliance business for more than 30 years. This makes us one of the most tenured companies in this fast-changing industry. When you choose an MSR Customs solution, you're not just getting services and systems, you're getting the knowledge, experience, and expertise of seasoned experts.

Geographical Reach

MSR Customs' facilities and staff are located in North America. So no client data is ever sent overseas and no telephone calls are ever answered by offshore call centers. Clients who enjoy MSR Customs brokerage services know that while virtually all their shipments are released electronically, we maintain a physical presence network at all customs offices.

Around-the-Clock Availability

MSR Customs provides around the clock support and services. To support this, we maintain layers of redundancy, including backup power generators, redundant back-up servers, and mirrored backup sites on different power and communication grids.

Always Current

MSR Customs' systems, customs, support, and business groups work in unison to keep on top of upcoming and newly released regulatory changes. This ensures services, knowledge, and systems are always current.

Stability and Longevity

MSR Customs has been in business since 1981, with revenue increases due to new clients in all fiscal years. No one client contributes more than 1% to our revenue stream.