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Customs and International Trade Compliance Technology and Automation Software

Last year Descartes MSR Customs systems and technologies were
employed by more than 48,000 users around the world.

Powerful, innovative technologies deliver significant performance gains.

At Descartes MSR Customs, we understand that when it comes to international and cross-border trade, companies are interested in technology and solutions that help make their processes more consistent, efficient, profitable, competitive, visible, and secure. Ideally, these solutions should also support your corporate strategies, make optimal use of your existing resources, and fit with your IT infrastructure. Descartes MSR Customs has a full suite of solutions that meet those needs.

Exceptional Functionality Demonstrates a Commitment to R&D

The result of more than 35 years of research and development, Descartes MSR Customs systems and technologies anticipate emerging business models, regulatory requirements, and user and IT expectations. They readily accommodate regulatory and business changes, and contain a wealth of input from thousands of multi-national and national corporations, consulting firms, customs brokers, and government agencies.

A Patented Architecture

Regardless of industry, cross-border and international trade is one of the largest and most complex interweavings of regulatory and business requirements, processes, and content. Descartes MSR Customs systems and technologies were designed to support and optimize this interweaving.

Its patented architecture realizes two concepts. The first is that the export of one country is the import of another. The second is that a single platform provides a consistent unified view for connecting to and capitalizing on corporate data.

A Comprehensive Solution

Descartes MSR Customs solutions are fully loaded with functions and content to help you realize all the benefits of modern, automated import and export processes in a startlingly cost-effective way. They can be deployed in-house, integrated with your internal ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Baan...), or hosted at the MSR Data Centre.