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Customs Self-Assessment (CSA)

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The Canadian Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) program delivers compliance assurance, lower costs, and FAST border clearance.

CSA Delivers Significant Benefits

For Canadian companies whose main concern is expediting shipments into the U.S., the benefit of the Canadian Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) program is access to the joint U.S. Canada FAST border clearance program. Faster clearance means faster delivery at a lower cost.

Other significant benefits to becoming a CSA participant include:

  • Reduced costs; CSA shipments do not require the services of a Customs Broker and trucks have priority access, eliminating wait time.
  • Improved compliance; import declarations are created from internal business system data.
  • Increased timeframes for reporting imports; useful for classification, valuation, and origin certification.
  • Increased timeframes for paying customs duties and import-related commodity taxes.
  • An enhanced relationship with Canada Customs.

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