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Our solutions and services are based on an in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive your business plus the operational and compliance requirements and opportunities relevant to your industry. So you can make better, more informed decisions in the areas most important to you—whether you want to increase operational efficiencies and supply chain visibility, retain and share knowledge, protect your logistics strategies, reduce customs duties and compliance costs, or deliver better customer service.

You'll find us comfortable in virtually every industry—delivering customs and supply chain systems and technologies along with automation, duty recovery, customs consulting that delight and satisfy—including:

Aerospace & Defense


Oil & Gas

Agriculture & Food

Forest & Mill

Paper & Packaging


Giftware & Housewares


Beer, Wine & Spirits

Government & Public Sector

Plastics & Rubber






Sports & Leisure

Consumer Products

Life Sciences


Education & Research

Logistics & Transportation

Textile & Apparel

Electronics & Robotics

Machinery & Equipment

Tool & Die


Marine & Shipbuilding


Engineering & Construction

Media & Trade Shows

Watches & Jewelry

Flooring, Ceiling & Carpets

Mining & Metals


Food & Restaurant

Office Equipment & Supplies


Descartes MSR Customs Technologies, Services, and Knowledge

Our world class customs and international Trade Solutions, Technologies, Services, and Knowledge include:

  • Supply chain visibility solutions to connect all trading partners and establish a foundation of process control across divisions, orders, shipments, and in-transit inventory.
  • Transportation visibility solutions for international and cross-border freight to optimize carrier selection, afford process control across orders, shipments, and in-transit inventories, as well as contain landed cost variances.
  • Integration and synchronization solution for data and document flows to support supply chain velocity and maximize profits in an environment of continually declining price points and the ever-present risk of inventory obsolescence.
  • Preferential tariff and other planning solutions to determine alternative sourcing and distribution based on total landed costs and applicable regulatory controls.
  • Trade agreement management solutions to leverage over 200 preferential tariffs including NAFTA.
  • Trade content and application solutions to identify licensing, documentation and unique reporting and screening requirements.
  • Financial solutions to recover customs duty and commodity tax overpayments, and reduce both current and future costs of financing the value chain.
  • Compliance solutions to establish reasonable care and gain access to preferential Customs programs that lower clearance costs, increase border certainty and avoid delays, and ensure compliance with increasingly rigorous and frequently changing government regulations.