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Import and Export Operations

Add value and visibility where you need it.

Systems and technologies that streamline and add value and visibility.

Excellent Functionality and Very Easy to Use

Descartes MSR Customs Canadian and U.S. government certified systems have plenty to offer. Whether you handle your own import and export functions. Or use one or more customs brokers, freight forwarders, carriers, or warehouses.

Flexible and Secure

Descartes MSR Customs systems can be deployed a number of ways, and have secure integration and communication technologies. You'll get responsive services and support, for maximum operational flexibility and agility. Our dedicated high-speed servers and communications technologies provide continuity of access and communications around the clock. And disaster prevention includes onsite server, data, and communications redundancies, plus duplicated redundancies on separate power and communications grids.

The Benefits of Electronic Data

Descartes MSR Customs solutions provide event-driven connections to share and manage document, data, and content with supply chain entities such as suppliers and customers, forwarders, customs brokers, carriers, and government. If you manage your own import and export functions, this brings significant cost reductions plus improvements in speed, quality, and compliance.

Systems and Technologies by Function


A simple, consistent, cost-effective way to perform, control, or monitor your import functions. Fully automated pre-entry, entry, and post-entry creation, reporting and management.


Built-in business and government rules and trade content for automatically creating and electronically distributing data and documents. Ensures cost-effective operations and compliance with domestic and foreign regulations.

CUSMA and Other Trade Agreements

Simplifies supplier management, product qualification, usage, compliance, and certificate of origin distribution processes.

Post-Entry including CSA and ISA

Streamlines and expedites refund and drawback processes as well as post-entry reporting in support of Customs and Importer self assessment programs.

Landed Costs

Immediate access to landed cost elements including invoice amounts, foreign exchange, duties, taxes, and fees, discounts, royalties, transportation, and so forth.

Supply Chain Visibility

Advanced analytical tools to support agile distribution strategies, help identify supply chain bottlenecks to better manage inventory flows, assess trading partner performance, reduce total landed cost and transit time, and gain shipment detail visibility to SKU, part number, or serial identification levels.

Document, Data and Content Management

Powerful, comprehensive audit trails and centralized repositories alleviate paperwork burdens and modernize Customs and Compliance management.