Services and Products

Sustaining Your
Duty Recovery Gains

Refunds now. Lowered costs from now on.

Systems and services that sustain your customs duties and taxes at the lowest levels.

Regularly Scheduled Duty Recovery Services

Once they have experienced their first Descartes MSR Customs duty recovery, most clients choose to engage our services on a regularly scheduled basis. Whether the schedule is once a year, or every six months, there are never any out of pocket costs or risks.

Specific Projects and Issues

The Duty Recovery group has helped clients with many different specific projects and opportunities to minimize Customs duties and ensure compliance including:

Trade Agreement solutions to ensure best use of the complex rules of origin in international trade agreements such as NAFTA.

Tariff Classification solutions to ensure goods are most advantageously classified.

Customs Valuation solutions to ensure best use of Customs valuations rules, including adjustments that can significantly impact the customs duties and import taxes payable.

Customs Duty Deferral and Other Preferential Programs to ensure the most advantageous programs are being used in the most effective manner.

At the End of the Day, it's About Achieving Your Goals

At the end of the day, when Descartes MSR Customs performs your Duty Recovery, you'll have your customs duty refunds in your hands, quickly and without risk. Plus you'll have new perspectives on your options for lowering costs and increasing the value of your import and export operations. And if you choose to make changes to reap these benefits, we'll be there to support you with services, knowledge and technologies.

Click here for information on Duty Recovery Frequently Asked Questions.