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Accounts Receivable Ledger (ARL)

Get real-time visibility into your import transactions.

Take the guesswork out of your import duty payments

What is ARL?

The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) initiative provides you with visibility into your import transactions through its Accounts Receivable Ledger (ARL). With ARL, statements such as K84s have been replaced with comprehensive Daily Notices and Statements of Account.

MSR ARL Web Service

Leveraging the new information provided through ARL, Descartes MSR Customs is making it easier to connect to and strengthen the financial management of your import operations.

With our quick-to-setup web-based system, Descartes MSR Customs can help give insight into your new consolidated data.

  • Real-time display of duties and taxes already paid and how much is owing for better cash flow management
  • View interest owing and refunds issued, as well as verifications of payments received
  • Faster organization of your transactional import data by business division, account security number, port, and broker
  • Account Summaries to track duties, refunds and more, in a consolidated dashboard view
  • Trend information for stronger cost controls
  • Useful information for your compliance and operations departments, including:
    • Monitoring broker performance
    • Catching Duty and Tax irregularities
    • Identification of unauthorized clearances
    • Volume of adjustments being filed
    • Monitor any late accounting penalties
  • Automated email notifications to alert you if duties incurred exceed a set threshold
  • View and print all your import transaction data from one convenient web-based system

Enjoy unprecedented insight into your imports

* CBSA's Assessment and Revenue Management