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Customs Duty Recovery
and Customs Consulting.

Superior execution and visibility, lower costs.

Customs duty recovery from overpayments can have a greater impact on your bottom line than reducing your income taxes.

Proven Results Across Industries and Borders

Descartes MSR Customs has helped some of the most respected companies in North America recover millions of dollars in Customs duty recovery from overpayments as well as other import-related duties, taxes and fees. But our clients aren't only the large multi-nationals — in fact, many fall into the small to mid-sized range.

Performed by Qualified, Experienced, and Professional Customs Consultants

We draw on 35 years of proven results and expert, professional, non-intrusive processes to recover all of your duty refund opportunities: from tariff classifications and concessionary codes, to trade agreements, valuation, duty drawback ...

Our seasoned customs consultants do the work ... from analysis to research, rulings, permissions, documentation, claims, appeals and protests. We target your areas of overpayment, and ensure you reap the relevant program benefits. We efficiently navigate government processes and effectively manage the duty recovery process from start to finish.

Maximized $ Refunds

Regardless of your company's size or industry, we maximize the $ value of your refunds. As our customs consultants identify each of your duty recovery opportunities, they use specialized Descartes MSR Customs technologies that target each and every instance. So every dollar is recovered. Quickly.

In addition to the immediate impact of duty refunds on your bottom line, our methodologies can also lower your direct or indirect import duty costs going forward.

Protecting Your Time Limits

Claiming refunds within the government-set time limits is very important. Once beyond these time limits, overpayments cannot be recovered. This is another reason the MSR Duty Recovery group uses specialized knowledge bases, systems, and practices: They help effectively target, identify, and claim near-term transactions. This increases the value and scope of your refunds.

A Risk Free, No-Cost Customs Duty Recovery Solution

As a result of more than 35 years experience successfully performing duty recoveries, we're comfortable assuming the risks. Indeed, our methodologies and fee structure are designed to free you up from re-allocating your time or your resources.

There's absolutely no need to work up budgets for out of pocket commitments, hourly or project-based costs, or customs consulting and retainer fees.

We are only paid when we recover your money, and only a percentage at that. So your risk is eliminated while we recover money you didn't know you'd lost. Simple.

Your Gateway to Other High-Value Benefits

Information from our duty recovery processes also show where you could achieve other high value benefits... where you could save time and money... and where you could improve quality and service levels.