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Customs and International Trade Intelligence

Includes comprehensive, authoritative intelligence that's always current.

Comprehensive and authoritative intelligence coupled with systems and technologies to make it useful.

Comprehensive and Always Current

Descartes MSR Customs offers comprehensive Customs and international trade content. Updated daily from official sources by our dedicated content and knowledge team, content is always current.

Use it to increase the effectiveness of your import, export, and compliance functions.

For Each of the Three Critical Areas

Product Intelligence

Import and export tariff classifications and other relevant commodity intelligence for the world's most important trading countries. Includes harmonized schedule numbers, descriptions, duty and excise rates, anti-dumping and countervailing duties, export control classification numbers, commodity taxes, government fees and rulings.

Country Intelligence

Domestic and ship-to country import and export intelligence. Includes regulations, sanctions, embargoes and other restrictions, special declarations and documentation. Also includes preferential trade agreements, remission and deferral programs, VAT, currencies, exchange rates, customs offices and more.

Entity Intelligence

One-time, dynamic, or continuous screening of trade chain partners and transactions against U.S.-enforced blocked entities and all significant international lists of denied, blocked and restricted parties.

Of Critical Importance to Subsidiaries of U.S. or U.S.-Listed Companies

The U.S. Export Control regime and Sarbanes-Oxley provisions make product, country, and entity intelligence of critical concern to every subsidiary of a U.S.-based or U.S. listed company.