Services and Products

High-Value Benefits

Gateway to other benefits.

Descartes MSR Customs duty recovery solutions and services are also your gateway to added high-value benefits.

Tangible Value

In addition to maximizing refunds, information from the Descartes MSR Customs duty recovery group also shows where you can achieve other tangible benefits... where you could save time and money... and where you could improve quality and service levels.

Delivered Through Trusted Descartes MSR Customs Systems and Services

We can help you realize these added benefits through our Customs Technology, Systems, and Consulting groups. Together, we can:

  • Lower your costs
  • Maintain greater visibility
  • Achieve higher consistency and reliability
  • Allocate costs more quickly and accurately, and
  • Enhance compliance and supply chain security

Below Budget and Ahead of Schedule

When clients ask us to help them make changes to achieve specific benefits, some want to make sweeping changes all at once. Others choose a staged approach — starting with their priority issues.

Regardless of the approach, Descartes MSR Customs technologies, systems and services ensure clients goals are achieved — within budget and on schedule.

Addressing Specific Projects and Issues

The Technology, Systems and Consulting group have helped clients with many different projects and issues including:

  • Customs Preferential Programs to ensure the most advantageous Customs programs are being used in the most effective manner to reduce costs, improve release times, and enhance visibility.
  • Import and Export Compliance solutions to ensure adequate controls are in place to protect against the costs and risks of non-compliance with customs laws and regulations.
  • Multi-national and multiple business unit streamlining and consistency solutions.
  • Integration solutions to reduce workload, increase consistency, share knowledge, and enhance corporate visibility.
  • Antidumping and countervailing duty assessment application.
  • Customs Penalties redress and mitigation.
  • Training and Procedural Assistance on customs compliance, tariff classification, NAFTA origin determination, valuation, and other priority customs issues.

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