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MSR technology helps you comply with the CBSA’s Single Window Initiative (SWI) and Integrated Import Declaration (IID)

The rollout of the Canada Border Services Agency's (CBSA) Single Window Initiative (SWI) and Integrated Import Declaration (IID) means changes to historical electronic reporting requirements.

As an experienced provider of cross-border trade compliance and clearance solutions, Descartes MSR Customs' Visual Importer solutions help you keep pace with (and stay ahead of) regulatory changes and requirements, such as Single Window Initiative (SWI) and Integrated Import Declaration (IID).

History shows that our solutions have helped many organizations simplify import processes, reduce paper burdens, increase compliance, and decrease the cost of doing business—and we will continue to do so in light of any changes the CBSA may make to evolve their cross-border compliance requirements.

New requirements need advanced technology

As an example, the next-generation clearance and release compliance solution for Canadian importers features a single-entry screen, for more efficient data inputting, as well as a simplified import permits/certificates process, accounts receivable ledger (ARL) and straightforward cloud-based implementation.

This import compliance solution also features modules that help satisfy the Single Window Initiative (SWI) requirements of the CBSA, which includes the CBSA's Integrated Import Declaration (IID) system, which replaces the original ACROSS-OGD submission messaging (i.e., ACROSS-OGD PARS and ACROSS-OGD RMD) as of January 1st, 2019.