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Go live in days with technologies that maximize the benefits, while minimizing the work.

Fulfill your CUSMA, USMCA and T-MEX FTA certificate and solicitation obligations and minimize duty costs

A Smart Business Strategy

Lowering or eliminating your Customs duties is a smart business strategy—particularly in this tough economy. With the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) being replaced by CUSMA, USMCA and T-MEX (Canada, U.S., and Mexico, respectively), shipments under $40 CAD shipped from US or Mexico are Duty and GST free. Moreover, shipments from $40 CAD to $150 CAD Value for Duty (VFD) are duty free and tax applicable regardless of origin—provided they are shipped to Canada from the U.S. or Mexico.

Additionally, the NAFTA Certificate of Origin has been replaced by a certification of origin containing specific data elements, and in no prescribed format regardless of origin, provided they are shipped from the U.S. or Mexico—and vice versa.

These are just a couple of ways the new NAFTA benefits organizations doing business with their North American counterparts.

But getting the most out of Free Trade Agreements—and meeting their complex requirements—can require both expertise and streamlining technologies. And finding the resources to manage compliance obligations can be a real challenge.

MSR's CUSMA, USMCA and T-MEX compliance solution can help you avail of the benefits that Free Trade Agreements bring, significantly streamlining the process along the way. Like many other MSR products, our solution is web based, meaning it can be set up and implemented in days, requiring minimal setup time and IT resources.

Descartes MSR Customs has the Technologies, Services and Expertise

Descartes MSR Customs offers a comprehensive set of international free trade agreement technology, services and expertise. They'll help lower duty rates, simplify compliance, enhance trade opportunities, and optimize your supply chain process:

  • Comprehensive, intelligent free trade agreement technologies including web-based access for suppliers and customers with databases that cross-reference products with certificates and keep track of expiry dates.
  • Shared access to products and certificates across locations, divisions, and business units.
  • Automated requests to suppliers for certificates on a shipment by shipment or yearly basis.
  • Verification that certificates meet Customs requirements for completeness or could withstand a customs audit.
  • Qualification of goods under applicable free trade agreements.
  • Simplified certificate creation and distribution.
  • Consistent application of preferential duty rates on all qualifying shipments.
  • Electronic record keeping, including complete audit trails.