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RNS Online for Sufferance Warehouse Operators

Get the full story from your freight arrival and release notifications

Mandatory freight arrival reporting made easy.

Mandatory electronic submission of Warehouse Arrival Certification Messages (WACM) is in effect for CBSA-licensed sufferance warehouses.

Streamline the Shipping Process—Enhance Your RNS Notification System!

By introducing the electronic Warehouse Arrival Certification Messages (WACM), the CBSA has taken the right steps towards simplifying the freight arrival reporting process. Unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily tell you the entire story of your unreleased goods, meaning that staying on top of all the shipments in your warehouse remains as daunting a task as ever. There is, however, is a solution that can help—Descartes MSR Customs' RNS Online.

Descartes MSR Customs' RNS Online is a CBSA-tested and approved system that allows you to electronically notify the CBSA that a shipment has arrived at your warehouse. Leveraging the information directly from the CBSA, Descartes MSR Customs' RNS Online helps reduce the amount of time you spend managing your shipments and saves you money. It's an invaluable tool that helps prevent the headaches associated with tracking manually, and the associated risks of not being compliant.

Descartes MSR Customs' RNS Online features one-step freight arrival, a "Dashboard View" of Canada Customs shipment data, and the ability to send queries to CBSA to inquire about specific shipments. You'll essentially have all the tools you need to stay compliant while managing your sufferance warehouse with greater efficiency.

With Descartes MSR Customs' RNS Online You'll Be Able to:

  • Arrive multiple shipments directly with the CBSA
  • View all RNS notifications and messages in real time so you always know the status of your shipments
  • Prevent the early release of shipments—and their associated penalties
  • Ensure the timely release of shipments
  • Add value to shippers’ supply chains by meeting JIT production schedules
  • Reduce the need to manually determine the status of a shipment
  • Increase communication between shipping partners throughout the organization
  • Implement the solution quickly and easily

When used in conjunction with our release notification email system (ERIN™), release notification messages are delivered via email, to you and to other parties that require this information—without any additional effort on your part.