Services and Products

Product Qualification and Certification

Maximize the benefits. Minimize the work.

Qualifying and certifying products under NAFTA and other free trade agreements can be time consuming and risky.

Knowledge- and Labor-Intensive to do Manually

Using the preferential duty rates available under NAFTA and other international trade agreements is one of the best strategies to lower costs.

However, just because goods are purchased or shipped from a NAFTA or FTA country doesn't mean they qualify for preferential rates: they must be certified as originating. Qualifying and certifying is very knowledge intensive, time consuming, and prone to compliance errors.

Technology and Services that Help

MSR Customs technologies, services and expertise can be the enabling agent you need to determine if your suppliers can demonstrate origin in the event of a customs audit. They can also help you qualify your products and create your certificates of origin.

To minimize your work of meeting compliance requirements and maximize cost reductions across product lines, consider the following MSR Customs systems and services:

  • Comprehensive, intelligent free trade agreement systems.
  • Professional identification of the specific rule of origin based on the tariff classification.
  • Classification of component materials and incorporation of supplier certificates of origin as applicable.
  • Determination of product qualification and origin criterion.
  • Independent analysis of supplier certificates.