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Managing Your NAFTA/FTA Certificates of Origin

Maximize the benefits. Minimize the work.

Gaining the benefits of reduced duty rates without compliance risk requires effective management and creation of certificates of origin.

Strict Government Requirements

NAFTA and many other free trade agreements require certificates of origin from each supplier, every year. Other free trade agreements require a certificate for each shipment.

Most companies find obtaining, verifying, and managing these certificates onerous and time consuming. In addition there's the effort of ensuring consistent use on all qualifying shipments.

All this work is essential to ensure goods consistently receive the lowest duty rate. And to minimize the risk that preferential rates will be revoked, and duties, interest, penalties and other sanctions will be applied.

Descartes MSR Customs Technologies and Services Ease the Burden

Descartes MSR Customs can help you obtain, manage and ensure correct use of your certificates. Or we can do it all for you.

With our International Trade Agreement technologies, you'll be able to monitor request details and status as well as your suppliers' responsiveness. Plus you'll be assured that certificates are tracked and renewed before they expire. And know when to negotiate certificates for new products in advance of importation.

You'll see your compliance risk minimized and you'll always get the lowest duty rates with MSR Duty Recovery services and FTA Technologies:

  • Notification of goods that would benefit from lower duty rates with a certificate of origin.
  • Consistent application of lower duty rates on qualifying goods.
  • Audit trails of suppliers, products and certificates used.
  • Certificate of Origin instructions for your suppliers.
  • Follow up for outstanding certificates.
  • Certificate review for completeness.
  • Secured on-line access to certificate information.